The Journey of Our Lives: Music for Expecting Parents and Their Babies   (CD)

JourneyCD2Lisa Rafel and Gary Malkin’s songs and instrumental music invite you into an experience of deep calm and connection with your baby. The lyrics explore prenatal anticipation and wonder. The music can be used for yourself and the whole family.


Also Available on Amazon and iTunes

Safe in the Arms of Love: Deepening the Essential Bond With Your Baby (Book/CD)

SIAL_Book_DiscAuthored by Lisa Rafel, Gary Malkin, and David Surrenda, Ph.D., Safe in the Arms of Love combines beautiful, Positive Intention Music™ with a heart-opening book full of  easy to understand information on the importance of healthy attachment and how it builds a secure emotional foundation for a child’s entire life. This product relaxes both parent and child, allowing them to form the deep heart connection that is the essence of the bonding experience.

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To Buy the Music Digitally:
The music of Safe In The Arms Of Love and The Journey Of Our Lives is available as a digital download from iTunes and  Amazon.  We recommend purchasing the complete CD if you wish to experience the full impact of deep relaxation and connection that comes from listening to the songs and instrumental segments as they are arranged.

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